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A series of invite-only events for female founders who want time and space to work on their personal and professional growth.

What we do

We believe, there is a need for somewhere women, who have already achieved some level of success in their business, can come for inspirational and structured learning to help grow their businesses as well as their personal development.

Next Level Bristol is a space female entrepreneurs can come for help with the next steps in their business journey. A place they can talk freely without judgement and have the time to focus on themselves and their goals with an open mind.

Because the events are invite only your networking time will be better targeted. This is for those who are looking to grow to the next, not for those who are just starting out.


Hr 1: Speaker

Our guest speaker will share their experience and offer inspiration on the evening’s theme.

They will then share their top seven or takeaways which will be actionable points for the audience.

Hr 2: Coaching

You will break out into smaller groups for a workshop with our guest coach on the evening’s theme.

This will offer the opportunity to work on personal development and explore how to apply tangible advice to their business.

Hr 3: Social

The final hour will be free for networking and chatting amongst the guests to share experiences and knowledge

Invite only
for female founders

Our events are invite only so that we can ensure engagement and networking is the best quality it can be for our female founders. Our guest-list is currently at capacity but if you are interested in joining us down the line please apply using the form below.

Aplications currently closed.

Next level founders

Next Level was founded by Bristol based entrepreneurs Ruth Bradford and Bex Band.

Ruth and her family have a huge appreciation for conservation and the protection of wildlife and they often talk about projects through which they could help raise awareness and funds. Since launching The Little Black & White Book Project in 2016, the business has gone from strength to strength. Winning two awards, a visit to No 10 Downing street and being named as one of the top 100 UK small businesses in the Small Business Saturday campaign 2018.

Ruth Bradford

The Little Black & White Book Project

Bex founded the Love Her Wild community to encourage more women to go on adventures so they could realise their full potential. Now with over 5,800 members Love Her Wild has put together dozens of all-female expeditions all over the world. Bex also runs a successful adventure blog, The Ordinary Adventure, which receives over 10,000 monthly visitors. She was nominated The Great Outdoors personality of the year 2017 and awarded ‘Legacy Maker’ on the San Miguel Alternative Rich List 2018.

Bex Band

Love Her Wild

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